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On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 12:08 AM, farhan israk wrote:
I use Windows 10 1803. Is it possible to pause chkdsk, shut down computer and resume after turning on computer?
No, but it is possible to force Windows to run it the next time you restart the machine before Windows loads, and it tends to run more quickly that way anyway.

In a command prompt (or PowerShell, I think) session with admin privileges, issue the command chkdsk /r
At that point you will get a response back saying the drive cannot be locked because files on it are in use but that it will be scanned when the computer is next restarted.  I tend to do this sort of thing just before I'm walking away from the computer until tomorrow, then restart it.  The chkdsk /r (which locates bad sectors, if any, and recovers any readable information from them) also performs all the functions associated with the /f  (fix) switch as well, so it's not necessary.

If it so happens that the drive you want to check is not your main drive that Windows and user data you need to get to at the moment is on, you could choose to switch over to that drive in the command prompt session, which one does simply by typing the drive letter with a colon, e.g., L:, and hitting enter, you could use chkdsk /x /r
The /x  switch forces the drive to be dismounted immediately, closing all open files/folders, and allowing an offline scan to occur on that drive while the rest of the system is still up and running and also includes the functionality of the /f switch, making it unnecessary.  If you want the check to include checking for bad sectors and recovering any readable data you must include a /r switch along with /x to make that happen, too. 

Some will feel more comfortable, regardless of the specific switches on chkdsk they're using, with including the volume as part of the command itself.  That takes the format chkdsk X: {switches}, where X is the drive letter itself and the colon must follow it without any intervening space.

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