Re: fore some reason nvda isn't talking when I'm using my keyboard

Dale Leavens

It appears to be impossible to nudge list traffic back into the direction of NVDA and associated resources without offending some or many listers and this list is not unique for that.  I selected this thread because although the problem had been long solved the traffic continues in the dozens of messages daily and any list on which the delete function is so heavily used is no longer of value to it’s subscribers and therefore becomes an encumbrance to the product it is intended to support.

This is not the only long redundant thread nor Molly any more than several others.  Several contributors seem unable to fire off message after message on every topic and this includes list monitors. Socialization is a wonderful facility of the Web but there are dozens of lists dedicated to it.

It is easy enough to delete the Merry Christmas messages which clearly have no NVDA knowledge or technical value but missing valuable information by deleting messages which may have value is contrary to the point of the list

I’ve been told and of course there are other screen readers I can use where support and assistance may be less onerous.

In the current spirit I barbecued strip loin steak and shrimps last night for supper with mince tarts and rum butter for desert.  I am smoking pork back ribs tonight and my wife is making a turkey tomorrow. My daughter and her partner are visiting from down south and it is minus 20 outside this morning.  I had to change propane tanks to finish the steaks yesterday.

Hope you all enjoy the trivia 


Dale Leavens

On Dec 23, 2018, at 11:48 PM, molly the blind tech lover <brainardmolly@...> wrote:

I understand.

In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that I go off topic for some reason at times.


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The person wasn’t upset that you wrote that your machine was working.  Of course, if you say you were having problems, people will want to know if you solved them.  The person was complaining about later messages and how the thread kept going and moving off topic.  See my previous message for my response.



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Guys, I’m really sorry if I upset anyone with this topic. I guess most people couldn’t care less if my machine works again, and I can understand why they feel that way. It was not very mature of me to make a post that my tablet is working, because… well,I guess it doesn’t have anything to do with Nvda. 


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I agree. If someone doesn't like certain messages, all they have to do is hit the delete key--simple as that.




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Gene, if you allow me to do it, first I would like to congrat you for this answer.
Second, even a time after reading this message I'm not able to get the point of this if it's not free rage or something like that.
I really don't know why people who don't like something aparently just can't pass the message they don't like, whatever it is, and follow by other paths.
Some people seem just unable to make life a little lighter even when they don't need to do much to do it. Anyway...

Em 24/12/2018 01:01, Gene escreveu:

A certain amount of off topic discussion is allowed on list.  My opinion is that it helps build a sense of community on the list.  I say this as the moderator.  If you disagree or want to ask the owner his opinion, and that is the controlling opinion, please write using the owners address, found very close to the bottom of every message.  And your characterization of the messages you don’t like is, I believe personally almost attacking.  It is ridicule if nothing else and is unnecessary.


Gene, moderator

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So your tablet now is talking when you use your keyboard.  It got fixed yesterday if my memory serves.


Can we close this topic now?and maybe that WeWalk too?  It is a long time since any messages had anything to do with anything but personal low self esteem or the convenience of carrying dog food and poop bags about as some sort of benefit over using a cane.


Merry Christmas!

Dale Leavens

On Dec 23, 2018, at 7:36 PM, molly the blind tech lover <brainardmolly@...> wrote:

My surface lags slightly sometimes, but it’s no big deal. I’ll probably upgrade my surface next year. For now I love it… Most of the time.


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I can’t comment on the Surface and I don’t know why the computer you describe was so slow.  I am using a laptop at the moment, as I write this message which I bought in 2011.  It was a reasonably fast machine for its time but nothing out of the ordinary.  I can load Chrome using a blank home page in about three seconds.  The New York Times Home Page loads in

about three seconds.  I can load Windows Live Mail in slightly less than two seconds.


It takes about twentyy seconds to get to the login screen when booting and ten or fifteen seconds to get to the desktop when I press enter to log in. 


Computers using physical hard drives aren’t slow if they are reasonably fast machines.  And I’m using Windows 7, and many Windows 10 users say that Windows 10 is faster. 


And as I said, if I use sleep, I can resume from sleep in two or three seconds.  I just opened Wordpad.  It took about two seconds.  If I open word starter, it takes a good deal longer. It takes about ten seconds.  But after you open Word, you work with documents.  It should take no meanikngfully different time regardless of mechanical or solid state drive to edit a document.  


I’m not disputing that a SSD is faster.  I’m saying that for many users, I don’t think the faster time matters in any significant way.



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That sounds more like a memory issue than anything related to your
storage.  Windows these days isn't happy with less than 4GB of ram, and if
you had less than that on that pc, it's no wonder it was slow, since
windows had to swap all the time.  I'd wager that if you upgraded the ram
in that machine, it would run considerably better.

On Sat, 22 Dec 2018, Tyler Wood wrote:

> What world is that in? lol. Unless you're referring to the surface pro 6,
> then it is about on parr with other laptops with solid state storage.
> I mean, unless you want to go with a 1 tb spinning hard drive and in 2018,
> that's a hard sell.
> I was using a computer recently that had a core i7-7820HQ (that's a quad core
> processor with 8 threads). It had a mechanical 1 terabyte hard drive, and it
> was made last year.
> Browsing the web was so much slower than on a machine with a solid state
> drive. It shouldn't be - after all the web browser was already loaded - but
> it was truly painful. Restarting was just about as painful, to. Even
> comparing this to a cheap windows device with a solid state drive - even EMMC
> storage - and I truthfully can't recommend a mechanical hard drive these
> days. And I'm not even getting into general performance. Moving around the
> screen was painfully slow. Opening apps took far longer than a machine with a
> hard drive, even 4 or 5 years ago, used to. I'm not sure if it was the screen
> reader making performance that much worse, but it was similar to using a
> computer, back in the day, that had 256 mb of ram and ran windows xp.
> Browsing the web, while doable, was probably my biggest issue.
> So, yes, while the surface go is relatively expensive when you increase the
> storage space, it comes with the benefit of having a solid state drive. In
> todays day and age, we think windows 10 is very light on resources. It most
> assuredly is not.


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