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It’s on by default.  I would wait for Joseph Lee’s tutorial or you can look at the user guide if you learn well as it presents the discussion.  I don’t think most people would learn it well that way.  You have to learn commands and what they mean. 

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Ah ok.

Now how do you turn on object navigation?

I would probably need a regular desktop keyboard to use it right?


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If you use control home, you should move to the beginning of the page.  Home moves to the beginning of the line.  This should happen in any standard edit field.  Browse mode follows all standard windows movement commands used in standard edit fields.



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Wow molly, that's awesome, when I hit the home key, it doesn't go to the beginning of the line, it just says top, and I half to hit control home.

Is there also a way you can make it tell you that a webpage is loaded, I can hear the tones, and all, but the pages load fast when you use chrome.

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I’ve been using Nvda for two years and also find it does everything Jaws can, and in my experience it works better in certain situations. I love the Nvda add ons.


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Just saw your post on the NVDA group.  I'm almost sure you are the Keao who is often in the Dementia Radio chat.  I've been using NVDA exclusively since 2012.  I find it will do anything JAWS can, and in some cases, it can do some things JAWS can't do and many things it can do better thanks to all the great add ons available.  There is an SPL add on that does everything the JAWS scripts can do and several other little tricks that the script doesn't know how to do.

Hope you will enjoy using NVDA and ask anything you want on the group and I'm sure you'll find the answer.









On 12/24/2018 12:01 AM, Keao Wright wrote:

Hi, I would like to introduce myself.

I am Keao, and I’m from Hawaii.

I use to be on the old nvda group back in I think in 2004 or 5 when it was on yahoo groups.

I wondered where this group went to, since you guys moved to it’s great!

Been an NVDA user for almost a year now, still getting use to the commands apart from Jaws.

Glad to meet you all!


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