Re: Issue with focus mode in 2016.2


my solution is installing nvda 2015.3 on your computer.
i did not test 2015.4 and 2016.1 and dont have idea how they work.
i tested version 2016.2 in using firefox and hanged for me.
my system becomes very slow when i open two browsers together or open
many tabs in firefox.
2015.3 and even 2015.2 are great for me.
hope thats help.
thanks so much and god bless you.

On 6/10/16, Jenine Stanley <dragonwalker64@...> wrote:
I can certainly check this. Not sure what good it will do but if it could
help, I’ll take a look at my error log tomorrow.

2016.1 was fine, no such issues.
Jenine Stanley

On Jun 9, 2016, at 5:58 PM, Ethan <ethan8768@...> wrote:


I have reported this issue before with a NVDA log attached with no
solution to the NVDA list. This focus mode problem happens for me as
well with NVDA 2016.2 at work. The only solution I have is to install
NVDA 2015.3 onto your computer. Ever since 2015.4 for me it seems to
not work. NVDA 2016.2 works fine on my computer at home.

Check your NVDA error log and see if any of these lines are present
when you load a webpage: (I have NVDA set on debug logging level)
<virtualBuffers.gecko_ia2.Gecko_ia2 object at 0x059FAFD0>
ERROR - virtualBuffers.Gecko_ia2._loadBuffer
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "virtualBuffers\__init__.pyo", line 369, in _loadBuffer
WindowsError: [Error 1702] The binding handle is invalid

Thank you,


On 6/9/16, Jenine Stanley <dragonwalker64@...> wrote:
Thanks Jacob,

I just tried this, toggling control-F6 and though it did exactly what it
supposed to do in terms of moving me between the search bar and the web
contents, it did nothing to effect focus mode with NVDA.

I’ll try anything though so never fear.
Jenine Stanley

On Jun 9, 2016, at 3:33 PM, Jacob Kruger <jacob@...> wrote:

Try one other one thing, just in case - in both IE, and firefox, ctrl +
might toggle focus between address bar, and webpage contents.

As in, try hitting alt + D to focus on address bar again, and then ctrl
F6 to, possibly, jump to/focus on the webpage itself.

But, this might not solve the problem at all, but, is just a keystroke
combination I have used for a while with multiple screen readers to, at
times, make sure it is focused on webpage contents.

STay well

Jacob Kruger
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Thanks Joseph,

I’m glad I’m not alone. I ahve seen some improvement when tabbing
some web sites but unfortunately, not many. If the site has a lot of
places that would trigger focus mode, it doesn’t tend to work.

I’m all ears for any ways to deal with this as I’m effectively shut out
browsing, reading or tasks for my job, on the Windows machine anyway.
Jenine Stanley

On Jun 9, 2016, at 2:44 PM, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...>

We have reports of this happening to users (you are not alone). Sounds
like somehow browse mode routine (specifically, the behind the scenes
routine of browse mode) is failing somehow. When this happens, try
tabbing around (I found that it works for some websites where it'll
a long time for NVDA to render browse mode).

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Subject: [nvda] Issue with focus mode in 2016.2

Apologies in advance for the length of this post. I downloaded the
version of NVDA the day it came out and began to notice right away that
was having a problem with focus mode when opening web pages.

My sistem is as follows:

Windows 7 latest updates
Web browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox

All of my other programs have no issues with NVDA.

Here’s what happens when I open a web page.

Nothing is announced until I alt-tab away from the page. then the
of the page is announced but the word “document” is after the title of
the web page.

Focus mode appears to be on.

Here’s what I’ve done.

1. toggled Focus Mode with NVDA-space. with no effect and no speech or
sound with each toggle 2. Hit escape several times with no speech,
or change.
3. Made sure the numlock key was off, toggled it on and off again.
function spoke but had no effect on Focus Mode.
4. Left the web page and tried focus mode in another app, Outlook
worked as normal.
5. Tried both browsers, same result, Focus Mode locked.
6. Updated Windows7, IE and Firefox. Restarted computer, no change.
7. downloaded and stalled a new version of NVDA over the old one.
Restarted computer, no change.
8. Removed NVDA and reinstalled the version I’d downloaded, all
versions are current btw. No change.
9. I even tried Window-Eyes to see if it was my computer. No,
worked fine on both browsers.

I then looked at the settings for browsers but didn’t understand
of them. I tried toggling them on/off and testing web pages but no

Any idea what’s going on here?

Thanks for any advice you can give.
Jenine Stanley

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