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Yes, this is Joseph Lee, the current developer of SPL add-on speaking, and yes, I’m always here (taking more of a background role at the moment due to one or two important projects I’m working on).

The bug Keao is talking about: as Roger pointed out, you can reduce column content verbosity. This is done via Add-on settings (Alt+NVDA+0 from Studio window)/Column announcements/Manage. First, tell NvDA to not announce columns as shown on screen (the first checkbox from Column Announcements category), then click Manage button. Then go through list of columns and uncheck the box for the column you wish to suppress and/or manipulate a list where you can set column announcement order. Click OK, and from main settings window, click OK to save changes.

Note that column announcement settings are show specific (termed “broadcast profiles”). In other words, you can change what columns will be suppressed and the order in which they will be announced on a show to show basis (or in some cases, while you are not on the air versus while you are broadcasting).




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I know there is a way to silence that stuff but I don't remember right now. I'm getting ready for my big 12 hour show so I can't look it up right now but there are several others here who use that add on and Joseph may be in here too and he is the main developer of it.












On 12/24/2018 10:22 AM, Keao Wright wrote:

That’s me.

I’ve been using the add on for a while and it’s great!

I just wish I could silence the speech when it comes to the columns like duration and stuff like that.


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Just saw your post on the NVDA group.  I'm almost sure you are the Keao who is often in the Dementia Radio chat.  I've been using NVDA exclusively since 2012.  I find it will do anything JAWS can, and in some cases, it can do some things JAWS can't do and many things it can do better thanks to all the great add ons available.  There is an SPL add on that does everything the JAWS scripts can do and several other little tricks that the script doesn't know how to do.

Hope you will enjoy using NVDA and ask anything you want on the group and I'm sure you'll find the answer.









On 12/24/2018 12:01 AM, Keao Wright wrote:

Hi, I would like to introduce myself.

I am Keao, and I’m from Hawaii.

I use to be on the old nvda group back in I think in 2004 or 5 when it was on yahoo groups.

I wondered where this group went to, since you guys moved to it’s great!

Been an NVDA user for almost a year now, still getting use to the commands apart from Jaws.

Glad to meet you all!



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