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Hmm, I would suggest though if this is a common problem that Microsoft or their sellers should be onto this andsorting it out.It almost sounds like a dodgy connection somewhere in the unit. I remember some years back finding that a Tashiba porrtable laptop had this, and in the end it turned out to be a ribbon cable connection flexing round a 90 degree bend and eveentually build up of oxide made it make intermittent contact. Nothing the user could do about it, it was a hardware issue.
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I'll see if I can do that.

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Is there any way that you could exchange that machine for something else,
like a Surface Pro, or a Surface Book?

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Hey guys, Molly here.

I'm not looking to start a big discussion here.

I just want to point out that these tablet issues seem not to have to do
anything with Nvda. I think these issues are with the machine itself. In
addition to keyboard issues, the touchscreen occasionally becomes
unresponsive. Holding down the volume up/power button for ten seconds and
turning the device back on seems to fix things. However I would not
recommend the surface go to anyone at the moment. I looked online, and I
discovered that these keyboard/touchscreen issues are quite common.

I'll admit, it's disappointing.

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