Re: espeak n g no good it sneezes on some words


by the way, who can send me a direct link of downloading espeak ng?
i appreciate your help and god bless you all.

On 6/10/16, Pete <> wrote:

Hi Sukil

ok, I hear the anoying sound with rate set to 100%. It goes away set
to 99% and below. Again the anoying sound starts with rate boost box
checked at 19% and goes away at 18% and below. The anoying sound is
there all the way up from it's starting point at 19% with rate boost box
checked, well atleast up to 70%. I am not sure abuv 70% with check box
checked, I can't process beyond that point. It sounds like it's still
there. I am stuck using nvda with espeak set to about 40% with rate
boost checked now. I feal like my computer is running on malassis.

The nvda settings are default except for the rate boost and the rate
set high.

That would be greatly appriciated your filing this on github!

Thanks Pete

On 6/10/2016 4:43 AM, Sukil Etxenike via wrote:
Hi Pete,

I'd suggest the same thing I suggested before. That is, file an issue
at <http:///>. If you don't have
an account on GitHub, I can do it for you.

Please describe the error in detail, as I use the same version of
eSpeak (with occassionally the English voice) with rate set to 30 or
40 with rate boost and I find no problems. Or perhaps I missunderstood
you, and you use different parameteres.


El 09/06/2016 a las 13:12, Pete escribió:


I all ways used the default nvda max english voice, I am
disappointed in the changes made to espeak in nvda I think starting
with nvda 2015 or may be as far back as 2014. Were the changes made
to espeak by nvda devel or the creator of espeak. I would like a
choice in nvda setup to be able to pick witch espeak to install. I
feal the need for speed quite freequently and to have that fluttering
sound in there when the check box for rate boost is checked so I can
get up to a 600 to 800 words per min is disruptive. I am still
trying to get used to it.


On 6/8/2016 1:43 PM, nasrin khaksar wrote:
i use iven3 which is the best voice and also with default rate of nvda
which is 30!
its very perfect for me.

On 6/7/16, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
I have replaced the data from old espeak over and the syntth works
a lot
better one person had trouble however, espeak at least the word stuff
works as I expect it so I am not to worried.

On 8/06/2016 3:31 a.m., Pete wrote:
as the s line says espeak n g makes a buzzing or sneezing sound
with some words.
along with the funny noises the voice flutters
This is default espeakng max voice set to en...
windows 7 x64 pro clean install
nvda installed using default settings except for speed set to 100
Can I replace the espeak n g with the older one by copying the
old one
over the new one in the program files x86 \ nvda folder?
Thanks for any help!


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