Re: still having tablet issues

Giles Turnbull

I have a Surface Pro 4 and admit I've never used it as a touch screen device. I plug a USB wifi dongle in that is for a Logitech wireless keyboard. I love the Logitech keyboards because they have an on/off switch so you can move them without unexpected things happening if any keys are accidentally pressed!

I use this at my uni workshops and, becuase it rains a lot in Swansea, put a freezer bag over the end poking out of my bag, to sheild the keyboard from the rain ... like a giant condom! ;)

I've never been good with touch screens ... even on my iPhone it takes me ages of running my finger around the screen to find the send button if I need to send a message. I use Siri to dictate my messages ... the only thing I find remotely easy to do is dial phone numbers on the iPhone ...

I did initially have trouble with NVDA on my Surface Pro when I was listening through headphones or an external speaker becuase it kept cutting the audio and going back to the internal speaker when I changed to a different NVDA configuration ... but that was before I knew about the sound output device setting in the synthesiser options :)

Sorry not to have any info specific to your problems, but I think the Surface Pro is a very good tablet and would recommend something like the Logitech keyboard if you don't have an external keyboard :)

Feel free to contact me off-list if I can help with other Surface Pro problems :)


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