Stephen Thacker

Hello, I’m Steve and just started using this group this morning so happy Christmas to one and all.


Firstly I ave two issues:


I need to fill in a captcha for my Itunes account. I live on my own and am deafblind. What’s the easiest way to fill in captchas using NVDA please?


Secondly my keyboard using NVDA is reading every single character. How do I change this to reading words and numbers for example? As a supplementary from that, if needing to press the NVDA key ie  the big key on keypad, how does one do this if you also have other keys to press? I cannot use either caps lock or the bottom left key above the cursor keys t as these are used for other things?


Sorry I don’t use cameras so haven’t got a picture yet and also apologies that this email has been long.


Thanks, Steve


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