Re: having a weird problem with Nvda and microsoft outlook

Chris Mullins

Hi Molly

I have been using Outlook for years and get the “unavailable” message most days, particularly when Outlook is loading.  It usually means Outlook is busy performing a task and I have never had to do anything about it.  I have found that the best policy with Outlook is to keep the Outlook database size as small as possible., so you should regularly go through Inbox messages and either save or delete them.  if you want to keep a copy of a particular message, move it to another folder or press the delete key, which will save it in your deleted items folder, for a message you don’t want to save, press shift+delete, which will remove it from the Outlook database altogether.  If you have lots of messages, you may also periodically run the archive feature of Outlook.  This allows you to set-up criteria for example “select messages sent/received prior to 1st Jan 2018” and specify the name of an archive database you wish to use or create.  You can then open your deleted items folder, and start the  archive process.  Repeat this process for your Sent items folder and any other folders you have stored messages in.  This will trim your main Outlook.pst database down in size so it will load faster and be more responsive.  If you need to refer back to messages you have archived, they are stored in Archived.pst (or whatever you named your database), which you can access using control+y.


Depending on how you have configured Outlook, it will periodically scan for new messages coming in and messages you want to send out.  This means it will poll your email account provider for new messages, putting them in the Inbox folder and pass any messages you have written, stored in your Outbox folder, to your provider for sending out.  If you want to do a Send/Receive session immediately, you press f9.


The message you got when you tried to shut Outlook down was that there were unsent messages in the Outbox which had not yet been passed to your email provider for distribution.  If messages build up in the Outbox, this would be indicative of a connection problem between Outlook and your email account.  If pressing f9 does not clear your outbox, check your Outlook connection settings for your email account are Ok and that your email account is up and running OK.  The Outlook connection dialog has a test button which generates a test message to show Outlook and your email account are configured correctly.





From: [] On Behalf Of molly the blind tech lover
Sent: 26 December 2018 02:19
Subject: [nvda] having a weird problem with Nvda and microsoft outlook


Hey guys, Molly here again.

For some reason when  using  outlook the past few days,  nvda goes silent, and then it says outlook not responding. I then try to close the program after sending email, and then nvda says there are messages waiting in my outbox waiting to be senShould I try reinstalling outlook or something?


Marry Christmas.

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