Re: having a weird problem with Nvda and microsoft outlook

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Is your internet connection on the blink. I've seen this sort fo problem in other mail clients when the server is very slow or the internet connection is not so good. Eventually it should give a message of some sort, but if you do not wait long enough and try to come out you will get the messages waiting warning.
Might be a good idea to try a web browser when its stuck and see if that can get on.

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Subject: [nvda] having a weird problem with Nvda and microsoft outlook

Hey guys, Molly here again.

For some reason when using outlook the past few days, nvda goes silent,
and then it says outlook not responding. I then try to close the program
after sending email, and then nvda says there are messages waiting in my
outbox waiting to be senShould I try reinstalling outlook or something?


Marry Christmas.

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