Re: NVDA going silent.


Yes, I too face the same problem of NVDA dozing off when I really need it to talk.


On 12/26/2018 7:17 AM, MAX wrote:
I got a wry smile out of the recent thread from people who wanted to keep
NVDA from speaking. It does that all the time to me although I don't want
it too. I have found that if I am running two or more programs in windows
10 that at some random time after starting the second program that NVDA
will go silent. No amount of tabbing or arrowing will cure its case of
laryngitis. So far the only way I can restore its voice is to press
control alt N to restart it. Is there a quicker way to start it talking

73 (Regards).

Max. K 4 O DS.

I've Never Lost the Wonder.


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