Re: Footnotes in LibreOffice


no, its not possible!
navigating between footnotes, endnotes and comments are not accessible
in libreoffice unfortunately.
i really did not test newer versions of libreoffice, but i always
follow bugzilla and did not see any progress for accessibility in
recent versions.
for me, if i find one footnote and use arrow keys, i only navigate
between footnotes and lose my main document!

On 12/26/18, kelby carlson <kelbycarlson@...> wrote:
Is there an easy way to navigate to footnotes and endnotes in
LibreOffice using only the keyboard in NVDA? Also, is there a way to
get NVDA to speak the numbers of footnotes when going through the
list? LibreOffice seems much faster and more intuitive than Word and
I'd like to try using it for awhile.

Kelby Carlson

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