A web site weirdness I need to get some comments on

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Down near the bottom after the audio files is anarea of text. Part way through this it sounds like the nvda detects an edit area, but its just the sound, its still just text.
I was told by the site owner this text is scrollable by mouse users. I assume then that its a bit like an over sized read only combo box or something, but its not too bad in Firefox but in IE it seems that one can get stuck in it even if you set the options in nvda so it automatically should come out as you go down the page.
Has the author done something strange or is it nvda?
The guy is obviously interested in any ideas as its a simple site for blind and sighted users. I don't see why he does not just put the text in the same way as other text, but I suspect its supposed to be like a window onto a bit of news. If that is so, I feel maybe it might be better at the top logically wise, not part way down.
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