Re: Best Wordprocesor

Dave <dlh007@...>

I use jarte Plus, the paid for edition of Jarte'. It is simple and
very responsive. And the jarte' Plus edition does handle Footnotes,
although I couldn't tell you how well as I never use this feature.

I grew tired of MS Word being so Bloated with features I would just
never use. And after MS Word 2003, MS Word was just a pain in the Butt
to use. This is my take on it, so all you MS Word 365 devotees, please
don't be Butt Hurt about my thoughts of MS Word. If you love Word,
then use it.

However, if you are looking for a quick and simple alternative to Giant
Word Processing, You may want to visit the jarte web site and see if it
has enough to do the jobs you need to be done. It may, or may not be
powerful enough for your needs.

I used it in an Office environment every day, but my needs were very

My only complaint about jarte' is that it will not save files in the
newer format MS Word has been using for a while now. And for me this is
a Big deal. I wrote the owners to ask why, but was never given any kind
of an answer.
Grumpy Dave

Dave <>

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