Re: Best Wordprocesor

Dave <dlh007@...>

Hi Gene,

unfortunately, Jarte' Plus doesn't give you the ability to save in DOX
format. This is one of my larger complaints about jarte' My way around
it was to save everything in RTF, which seems to be read by everything.

I can only hope the folks at Jarke' will add the ability, but when I
wrote them about doing such a thing, they didn't sound like it was a
High priority. So, perhaps Jarte' is a project that was done ten years
ago, and the authors haven't made their hopeful millions selling it, so
they are now moving on to other tasks. This of course is all crude
speculation on my part.

jarte' is no Desk Top Publishing master, However, I do like Jarte' a lot.
It is very simple and a straight forward Word Processor.

Grumpy Dave

Dave <>

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