Re: more and more unlabeled links with latest version of NVDA and Firefox


The unlabeled link on, that comes between the "Get an early look" and "Help Center" links is a link to Twitter that uses the Twitter Bird icon to identify it.  But when I hover over it "Simplecast on Twitter" shows up, and I have no idea why that's not shown/read in the links list.

The source for that item is:
<a class="link-twitter" title="Simplecast on Twitter" target="_blank" href=""><i class='flaticon social twitter-1'></i>

and for the Help Center it's:
<a class="link-support" title="Help Center" target="_blank" href="">Help Center

It appears that what NVDA is using is the text (if any) that immediately precedes the closing </a>, rather than the title attribute.  This quite possibly makes sense if there is text in this area, but I'd think it should default back to the title attribute if not.  This being said, I am not a screen reader programmer.  I'm simply going on what's available in the HTML and how I'd handle this by looking for something else to use if the primary thing one normally uses to construct the list of link names is absent.  It would certainly make more sense to have a system in place to have first choice, second choice, third choice, . . . to unlabeled.  It would give the user a lot more accurate information were that particular link labeled with its title, "Simplecast on Twitter," rather than unlabeled.

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