Re: Graphics that contain links

Antony Stone

1. I suspect that rather than saying two words "wrecked angle", it is saying
the single word "rectangle".

2. Can you give us the URL of a page containing this link so we can
investigate for ourselves?

3. Have you tried contacting the owners of the site to tell them about this
change and the effect it has on screen readers, to see if they can change it
back to something that works again?


On Thursday 27 December 2018 at 13:39:04, Peter Beasley wrote:

There is a petition site here in the UK called 38 degrees. Until a couple
of months ago, there was no problem clicking on links to sign petitions.
They have changed the link to a graphic. What it says is graphic wrecked
angle contains link. I am unable to find a way to activate these links
using NVDA which is my only screen reader..
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