Re: more and more unlabeled links with latest version of NVDA and Firefox

Mallard <mallard@...>

Hey all,

I do find such links more and more often too, but my understanding was that this issue was due to the type of template the site designers or webmasters used to build the sites.

There are lots of sites (a growing number, I'd say), where you hear "Link", "Link", "Link", but you have to click on them to discover where they take you.

It definitely isn't a Firefox issue, as I find the very same situation in Chrome.



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Whenever funny things occur its often a good thing to have a pristine portable copy of nvda with no add ons in it to check against before bringing up an issue that might be a clash of add ons or settings choices too.

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Maybe you should clarify by what you mean by unlabelled links???

What links are unlabelled ?
All those sites you mentioned appear to be fine here with latest nvda 18.4

What is nvda not doing for you what its doing for others?

Or what do you want nvda to do ?

From: Governor staten
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Subject: [nvda] more and more unlabeled links with latest version of NVDA and Firefox

Hello list. My subject line aptly describes the issue. Recently, I’ve seen more sites with unlabeled links than I’ve seen in recent memory, or ever before. I’ve seen them on,, and other places. Why is this? I’m using latest version of NVDA with latest version of Firefox, version 64. Will have to do more testing to see if this occurs in Edge and Chrome. Any ideas as to how to troubleshoot would be appreciated.

An extra point of information, I am running the latest alpha. My roommate is running the latest stable version, 2018.4, along with same version of Firefox. He is seeing some of the same things I am, particularly on and Thanks to all in advance for any assistance that can be given.

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