phonetic spelling

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I thought there was a way to use object navigation to read letters using the NATO phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, juliet etc) but I can't figure out if I'm making that up! The only thing in the NVDA guide about phonetic spellings is in regard to Chinese characters.

I know that using Num Pad 5 twice will spell out the word w-o-r-d and three times coppies the word to the clipboard, but is there any way to get the phonetic identification?

The two SAPI5 voices I like are Zira and Hazel ... Zira is my default but I was struggling to tell whether a letter in somebody's name was a v or a b ... I hoped to figure out how to get NVDA to say Victor or Bravo, but without success. I solved the problem by switching to the Hazel voice which has a clearer pronunciation difference between v and b, but am just curious if there is a way to get the phonetic spelling if needed.



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