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Hmmm, I see what’s happening. If I’m reading your post correctly, it looks like there is a bigger issue than letting NVDA pronounce characters phonetically. But to cut to the chase (as they say), the actual command to get NVDA to say the character phonetically is Numpad 2 (laptop: NVDA+period) twice.

I think the reason why Giles might be mentioning object navigation and its “relationship” to character spelling and phonetic pronunciation might be confusing object navigation for review cursor thanks to our recent discussion. Am I correct? If yes, it looks like I’ll write up another tutorial (or two) on what exactly review cursor is, review modes, and possible confusion (taking Gene’s advice into account).




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Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2018 7:04 AM
Subject: [nvda] phonetic spelling


Hi all,

I thought there was a way to use object navigation to read letters using the NATO phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, juliet etc) but I can't figure out if I'm making that up! The only thing in the NVDA guide about phonetic spellings is in regard to Chinese characters.

I know that using Num Pad 5 twice will spell out the word w-o-r-d and three times coppies the word to the clipboard, but is there any way to get the phonetic identification?

The two SAPI5 voices I like are Zira and Hazel ... Zira is my default but I was struggling to tell whether a letter in somebody's name was a v or a b ... I hoped to figure out how to get NVDA to say Victor or Bravo, but without success. I solved the problem by switching to the Hazel voice which has a clearer pronunciation difference between v and b, but am just curious if there is a way to get the phonetic spelling if needed.



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