Re: more and more unlabeled links with latest version of NVDA and Firefox


Why use the u navigationk key?  That is to move by unvisited links.  it has a very specific use and shouldn't be used for general link navigation.  K or tab should be used. 
U is intended for sites you have visited before and you only want to see links you haven't gone to before. 

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On Thu, Dec 27, 2018 at 09:29 AM, Gene wrote:
We don't know if the problem occurs in other places than the elements list.  However, It is unlikely that this problem is confined to the elements list.  it probably affects the links wherever you see them.
You are probably correct.  One site,, has been identified and it does occur there.  It's the second link, and only one that comes up "unlabeled" in the links list, on the page, so it's easy to get to.

In the case of this page if one is traversing via the U keyboard shortcut what gets announced when you land on the link is the title from the HTML, "Simplecast on Twitter."

The larger the sample size of pages where this is occurring the better, but that's what I was able to get from about 5 minutes total time testing on that page with the latest version of NVDA with a number of add-ons installed.

If someone gets something different with a pristine portable version of NVDA, an older version of NVDA, or an installed current NVDA with no add-ons that would certainly give more data points useful to the developers, but those tests aren't something I'll be doing.

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