Re: more and more unlabeled links with latest version of NVDA and Firefox

Mallard <mallard@...>

I'm pleased to report that Seonaid Beckwith, creator and owner of the


website, following my email, has solved the unlabelled links issue in the paid section of her site.

Her site is great for learning English, and she's very sensitive to accessibility, which makes it worth following.



Il 27/12/2018 19:54, Mallard ha scritto:
Hello Gne,

Answers to all your questions is Yes. Different browsers (Edge, Firefox (several versions), Different computers.

Windows 10, Version 1803, but it started in 1703.

I wanted to send you pages, but they all require username and password.

However, I've noticed that most of the time they are lists. For example, in various sites the issue concerns lists of social media you can share stuff on.

On another occasion, in


under the paid section called PEG Plus, you have this problem within the list of courses.

If I come across some site that has free access to something like that, I'll post it.

By the way, I also tried to read the link name with Windows10 OCR, but there was nothing to be read.



ps: In the case of PEG Plus, I reported the issue to the owner of the site.

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