Re: Sluggish user experience on Facebook

enes sarıbaş


This is an NVDA issue which has existed for about a few centuries, which is also ignored by the devs. This happens not only in facebook, but in many websites with dynamically changing content, or with dialogues, for instance, the Oxford scholarship online database my university subscribes to. This has to do with the way NVDA interacts with the browser, however a better way was not implemented.

On 12/27/2018 7:29 PM, Felix G. wrote:
Hi everyone,
is anyone else noticing that when arrowing or otherwise navigating
Facebook's standard view, the interface tends to slow down to a crawl?
In addition, I am experiencing the virtual cursor randomly jumping
back a few lines, resulting in lines being read twice, and random
switches to focus mode.
Are there any known remedies, except of course switching to mobile
view, which is not even recommended to blind users by Facebook itself?
All the best,

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