Re: more and more unlabeled links with latest version of NVDA and Firefox



           You have been given feedback, multiple times on multiple topics by multiple people, about how you come across and you do not take any of that into account. Saying something like, "I'm sorry if it sounds to you like being dictatorial.  It isn't," is simply not borne out by your own history.

           As I said earlier, your opinion, contrary to your own opinion, is not the only opinion nor the right opinion in all cases.  People have different, and perfectly legitimate, ways of accomplishing the same tasks.

           I really do not need to be told by you how to use a generic link command, versus unvisited link command, versus visited link command.  I know and understand all three very well.  I also understand exactly what their intended purposes, note the plural, are and some of those do not comport with your personal opinion about what they are intended for.

           With this I'm done discussing this with you on this topic.  I'm sick of having unnecessary pissing matches with you.


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