Re: Microsoft messes up again with an update.


Every time since the beginning of Jaws 18, my focus 40 has stopped working with every update. I don't think it's bluetooth pairing, although it seems like it. There was only one Jaws update that this didn't happen. It happend with this one, though. I went through a complicated thing before by deleting the setting in my explore my settings folder. That worked for the other updates. This time I messed up when it asked me if I wanted to save the settings in Jaws. I couldn't thin of what to do, so I turned on NVDA after I uninstalled Jaws 2019. When I started the re-install of 2019, and it asked me about sharing the user settings I said no instead of yes. It asked for doing the wizard again, of course, when I restarted Jaws and I went through the wizard like I was supposed to do. My focus 40 works fine, now. Maybe you could try that. I think it's much simpler than the stuff I did with the other updates. I used NVDA to start it this time, but I used narrator once before way last year when I had to uninstall Jaws and re-do it for something. Even though I fixed the wizard, I had to re-add the Brl display again. Like I said, it works fine now.

I hop this helps. Didn't mean to write a novel but I wanted to explain everything so it could be understood because I went through a lot of frustration with it. You have to go in the advanced in the Brl settings in Jaws because the firmness is set to something else and the placement thing is set to the default. I like it on none because I just want to read my text and not have signs of things on the left or right. That's all I had to do afterwords and it works good again. It's a pain in the neck to do it after every Jaws update and I wish somebody knew the reason but, Oh well.

God bless.

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My laptop will no longer send Braille to my Focus 40 via Bluetooth. Things were working fine when the machine started
to misbehave. After a cold boot it wouldn't give me anything. I think the update destroyed the pairing between the
computer and the Focus 40. Microsoft did the same thing a few weeks ago.


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