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First, I admit that my computer is most definitely not the fastest machine around. In my case, there is definite sluggishness when using NVDA with Microsoft Word 365. This is not only true with startup, which isn't all that bad, but it particularly manifests itself when moving the cursor to edit or review text. In my case, there is a noticeable delay which has pretty much caused me to avoid using NVDA with Word on this machine until version 2018.4 introduced experimental UIA support. Minimizing the window and putting Word into draft mode helps to speed things up somewhat. Enabling the experimental UIA support has made quite a difference for me with 2018.4 and I can now use Word with a reasonable response time when navigating text with arrow keys. Someone on another list also reported the same issue. I pretty much did much of my word processing with LibreOffice for certain tasks, which behaves normally. On faster machines which I use at work, however, navigating in Word is responsive and navigation behaves as expected.

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           Thank you for your reply to my query.  I am surprised you're having issues with sluggishness with Word 2016 (other than startup being slow).  I would try uninstalling and reinstalling before jumping ship, particularly since Word really is the de facto standard.

           I don't think you're going to find any other major word processor that's any less cluttered.  It's a consequence of feature bloat, plain and simple.  

           Word is, by far, the best supported word processor when it comes to screen readers.


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