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Felix G.

regarding those browser-related threads, there is no impatience
involved, at least on my part. The reason why I often choose to write
here rather than on Github is that these issues are not strictly bugs
but more like design decisions. Also, with the number of open Github
issues, it feels like putting a note on a wall already plastered with
notes, while writing on list feels more like joining some people in a
room for discussion.

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And the same to you. I have to say, in the main most people here are polite.
It is often the case that people are not writing in their mother language
and so often misunderstandings do occur.

However over the holidays, no serious issues seem to have happened.

I think people need to be patient about getting a reply to something
complex as only a few developers look in here and if you have a serious
concern, considering raising an issue on github or just pos the concerns to
the dev list. The current thread on weird browser effects on some web sites
seems to be one that falls into this category.
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First, here's hoping that you all have had a lovely Christmas if you
celebrate it. Thank you for making this community what it continues to be.

Second, and in a more serious manner, I would like to invite anyone and
everyone who has input, suggestions, or complaints with the way that this
list is moderated to send me an e-mail at with your
comments and suggestions. Also, with the growing membership in this group,
I am considering the possibility of adding on another moderator to this
group. If you are interested in being considered or would like to nominate
someone, please e-mail me at with those suggestions
as well.

Thanks everyone.


Nimer Jaber

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