Re: weird NVDA problem on my gpd win 2

Darren Harris

I tried that also left shift and right shift. That’s how I know there’s no insert key on the unit. It’s a very small device so the keyboard is quite condensed. I was wondering if you can keymap commands with NVDA like you can with other screen readers but I haven’t yet found a way to do this. If there is a way then I might try that and resolve it.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] weird NVDA problem on my gpd win 2


If you turn input help on and press each shift key, what do you hear?  The right should be announced as right shift and the left should be announced as left shift.  It sounds as though that computer keyboard isn't sending the standard code and NVDA doesn't recognize it, though the computer does.  I don't think this problem has anything to do with the caps lock being used as the NVDA key. 


How do you know there is no insert key?  Laptops often don't have the insert key in the usual place.  My impression is that the insert key is often a small key at the top of the keyboard.  But others who know a lot more about laptop keyboard layouts can comment much more knowledgeably about that.  But if a sighted person didn't check, I wouldn't reach any conclusion.



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Subject: [nvda] weird NVDA problem on my gpd win 2


Greetings all,


For Christmas my partner bought me a gpd win 2 which actually I quite like. it’s a windows 10 machine.


I’ve put the latest NVDA on it. It was a fresh download. I’ve encountered a weird issue and I don’t quite know what to make of it. With the NVDA key set to caps lock as there’s no insert key on the unit, I can only get things like the battery percentages to work by using the right shift key with NVDA. the left shift key does work I’ve tested it. I can do capital letters with it I can also do tab shift tab etc with it so I know the shift key itself is working so that in itself isn’t the issue. I’ve also tried switching from laptop to desktop layouts and switching back again it makes no difference.

If anybody has any ideas as to what this could be then I would indeed be most greatful.

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