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Gosh! I wrote very clearly that I usethe latest Next with Firefox 45.0, with BOTH a braille display and speech.

I have NO OTHER screen reader, except for older versions of NVDA, which produce EXACTLY the same result.

Il 09/03/2016 19:14, Gene ha scritto:
The problem appears to be some sort of mismatch between, evidently, the browse cursor and the link being clicked on. We don't know what is being used as the Braille display. We don't know if the person has or can test this with speech. We don't know if the person has or can test this problem with another screen-reader. There are many basic facts we need to know before proposing that time and effort be spent in trying various possible solutions.
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This is a pure SWAG on my part, but I've encountered so many bizarre problems caused by cache corruption that the first thing I'd recommend is that you clear all browser cache in Firefox. If you use CCleaner it will work (and a bit faster) or you can follow the instructions on the Firefox Clear Cache <> page.

Try that and see if it resolves the problem. If it doesn't at least we can eliminate cache corruption as the root cause.


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