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Half the issue here seems to be the way Microsoft seem to work. They do not seem to have any clear, laid out plan. Its a bit like everyone is working in little silos and incorporating little features changes and ideas in isolation surprising the accessibility community. They should really have a road map as the trendy say these days.
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One major clarification: my statement regarding "not providing a meaningful
fix" should not be taken as an indication that I'm giving up. In the past,
I've been known for seemingly forgetting an issue, only to come back to it
months later.



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When I go to Historical weather tab and select temperature, then press Tab
to move around, each month button is labeled with high, low and other
information. When one presses Enter to activate the button, the stats do
change on screen but isn't announced by Narrator nor NVDA. When I probe UIA
event activities, it does allow NVDA to see that name change took place, but
it is done on a per item basis - for example, for January, one of the name
change text is just the year (2017) instead of a more meaningful summary.
Because it is known that property change events may happen out of order
(observed multiple times with live region change events in some universal
apps), I'm a bit hesitant as to how to proceed with providing a meaningful
fix for you.

Sorry about that.



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on their way #AddonRelease

Hi Joseph,

You keep updating the Windows Ten App essentials almost monthly for several
months now. I am wondering if the issue with weather history will be
improved. Sighted people say that when they click on an item such as
temperature and then on a month, another box opens and they see the highs
and lows for every day within that month and other information. The same
goes for rainfall and snowfall. Yet with all these incessant updates, this
issue has not changed. All we get is the monthly average with a button that
doesn't activate anything or open any new boxes or screens.

Thanks for any help.

On 12/28/2018 2:38 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi everyone,

First, for those celebrating it, hope your New Year's Day preparation is
going well. May 2019 be a great year for the NVDA community.

I'm delighted to announce the release of StationPlaylist Studio and Windows
10 App Essentials 19.01. StationPlaylist Studio add-on is used to help
broadcasters using SPL suite of application with producing their shows, and
Windows 10 App Essentials is a must have add-on for improved usability of
Windows 10.

The most important thing you'll notice with these releases is saying goodbye
to standalone add-on update checks. Until Add-on Updater appeared, these two
were part of a handful of add-ons that can check for updated versions of
themselves. Now that Add-on Updater is stable and recommended by add-on
authors, I hereby announce that, starting from this release, the ability to
check for updated versions of these add-ons will be assumed by Add-on
Updater, not by these add-ons. As a consequence of this, when you restart
NVDA after installing these releases for the first time, you'll get a
message informing you of this change (for those using StationPlaylist
add-on, the first time you start Studio after installing add-on 19.01).

Additional notes:

StationPlaylist Studio:

* Version 19.01 isn't the only release today - if you're using
18.09.5-LTS (longterm channel) release, you'll be asked to update to
18.09.6-LTS. Just like 19.01, 18.09.6-LTS will also present add-on update
check warning.
* The source code that powers standalone add-on update checks will be
removed in 19.02; it'll be kept in 18.09.x series (although to be disabled
in the next LTS release) to serve as a reference for anyone wishing to learn
how Add-on Updater's update check facility came to be.
* Version 19.01 (for LTS people, 18.09.6-LTS) is first of two
mandatory updates (the next one is 19.02, and for LTS, 18.09.7 in March
* Today's releases require NVDA 2018.4 or later. In terms of Studio,
19.01 requires 5.11, whereas 18.09.6 will run happily on 5.10.
* Sometime in 2019, a 19.x version will ask you to update to studio
5.20 or later. I'll give you sixty days' notice before making the switch.
* For those on longterm (LTS) channel, 18.09.6 is one of the last
mainstream maintenance versions where features from 19.x can be backported.
After NVDA 2019.1 is released (later in 2019), 18.09.x will enter bug fix
only mode.

Windows 10 App Essentials:

* Version 19.01.x is the last release series to run on Windows 10
Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update/build 16299). Version 19.02 will require
Version 1803 (April 2018 Update/build 17134) or later.
* Although this release supports expanded input panel in latest
Windows Insider Preview build, things can change without notice.

Thank you.



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