Issues with dropbox.

John Isige

Well just one issue really, so far.

I have a shared folder foo that's not mine, I'm just a member. I want to remove myself from it to free up space. The web tells me to sign into, click files, and click "share" next to the folder name, then there's a dropdown where I can remove myself. I sign into, I click files.

I see the folder, but all I see after it is a star button and a "more actions" menu. If I pick "more actions" share does show up there, but if I click on share, I just get a page with the contents of the folder in question. I don't see anything with my name or a way to stop being part of the share. So how do I stop being part of the share? This is on Windows 1809 64-bit, latest Dropbox, I just installed it like 20 minutes ago, NVDA 2018.4, latest Firefox.

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