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You can use the speech dictionary in JAWS and NVDA to stop this.  Tell it to pronounce the abbreviation as you wish.  This isn't NVDA.  It’s the synthesizer.

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According to Google, the abbreviation for Northern Mariana Islands is
mp.  So NVDA is interpreting for you.  Ugh!

I wonder if there is a setting to tell it not to interpret
abbreviations.  there isn't in JAWS, and I wish there were.  I want
to make the interpretation myself, thank you very much.  (LOL)
At 08:30 AM 12/30/2018, you wrote:
>1. Which speech synthesiser are you using?
>2. Which language is it set to use?
>3. Exactly what does NVDA say when you get it to read the example line you
>have quoted - where does "Mariana Islands" appear in the speech output?
>On Sunday 30 December 2018 at 15:26:39, Brice Mijares wrote:
> > Why does NVDA echo Mariana Islands at times while going through a list
> > of MP3's?
> > Like
> > 11 Country road.mp3
> > Hopefully I'm not the only one hearing this!
>A user interface is like a joke.
>If you have to explain it, it means it doesn't work.
>                                                    Please reply to the list;
>                                                          please
> *don't* CC me.

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