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On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 09:46 AM, Ann Byrne wrote:
According to Google, the abbreviation for Northern Mariana Islands is mp. So NVDA is interpreting for you. Ugh!
Well, some guess, or lack thereof, has to be hazarded.   That being said, you'd think that if they saw MP they'd check to see if it's immediately followed by 3, with no intervening space, before going for "Mariana Islands".

The way I've worked around this is by updating either the default dictionary or voice dictionary (I honestly can't remember which at the moment).  NVDA+N,P,D will get you there then hit D for default dictionary or V.  In the case of MP3 that would be the actual pattern, I'd try "M P 3" as the substitution, sans the quotes, and the anywhere option for my first pass.  I wonder if using a British English synthesizer one might get "Member of Parliament" instead of Marianas Islands?

I had this coming up once, but I think it was under JAWS, where it was saying Cuban Peso when it saw CUP in upper case, which in the context of recipes, among other things, is wrong.

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