an accessible way to stream games.


I found an accessible way to stream games, for anybody interested, and who has a windows 10 machine. I just tried it, Mixer, and it is far more accessible than Twitch. And, the video capture is pretty good. Not the best, but if you are on a budget, it is the most accessible option you are gonna get for now. I tried it on Ear Hockey just now and it works great! well, okay, it works passingly so, sound quality wise, but then again, I make money writing, not streaming. Anyway, below are the steps. Make sure you have the latest version of windows 10. No, I never found a keyboard friendly user guide, so don't ask. If I find one, I will post it on my blog with a more formal write-up. The settings can be found under, gaming, in windows settings.

1. Run a game. It seems to only work for windows app games, but correct me if I am wrong.

2. Hit, Windows, G, as in Gay, to bring up the games panel. Or, hit, windows, Alt, R, to start recording.

3. When you are done, hit Windows, alt, R, to stop recording.

I'd advise you to set everything up before hand. Also, don't try and keep up with the chat when you are broadcasting. NVDA will freeze. I'm gonna look to see if I can't connect to the chat via IRC and just have TTS reading stuff as they come in in the background.

Much more accessible than Twitch. IMO.

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