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To be honest I'd never partition the system drive with 10 on it.

In fact the first thing I have done is wipe the system drive and install 10 on it.

Win10 eventually decided that my boot partition was full.

There were several small and big partitions made for system and swap, a recovery partition and a diagnostics and something else.

The cons of all this is that by just flat cleaning the entire structure you won't be able to access certain bios recovery features.

On the other side we can't access them so its not a big loss and you can run the diagnostics of that at least on windows yourself after a fashion.

If in doubt though I'd make a bios recovery in case you screwed things up or something during a reflash.

If you happen to be in the middle of a lightning strike zone well you are done.

If you must partition anything, I'd partition the secondary drive, since bar a few things windows will not load itself on to that drive at all.

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I think the issue is actually invoking it from the drive.
I think I'd tend to do what I did when I had a brief encounter with 10, assuming masochistic tendencies of having an operating system that is new every 6 months, just burn a dvd, lots of cheap plug in drives around.
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You could also download the windows media creation tool and create the windows installation media on a flash drive.

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What type of PC do you have? Different motherboards have different BIOS

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I want to install Windows 10 in desktop. I have selected pendrive in boot priority of bios. But, when I'm turning on computer it is booting through harddisk and turning on as usual. How to boot by pendrive? I used Rufus to create bootable pendrive and burn iso file.

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