Re: Add-on Updater: counting down to release of version 19.01.1 #addonrelease


Wow, did that come through the addon or was it part of email.

This is interesting though, obviously for seecurity you would have to be carefull, but some sort of daily message or something on new things or whatever well that was good.

Then again you said a surprise was coming and well yeah.

I have never had a happy new year from my screenreader, thats novel.

On 1/1/2019 4:55 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:
Hi Joseph

A good message to start the year with same back at you like a boomerang.

We are already 17 hours into the new year.

I will not copy and paste the message they will see when they update it.

Gene nz

On 31/12/2018 4:01 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Hi everyone,

Happy New Year (or New Year’s Eve depending on where you are).

Sometime in 2019 (few seconds after midnight UTC on January 1, 2019 to be exact), Add-on Updater 19.01.1 will make its appearance on any computer running NVDA with this add-on installed. Although this is a point release, it is a major release that resolves more compatibility issues with Python 3 and simplifies certain portions of this add-on source code. You will also find a surprise inside (shhh, you’ll see it after upgrading to that version).


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