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Hi Travis,
First happy new year to you. I thank you for replying to my request. I
found the Battleship game on the Ian Humphreys' web page. As for the memory
game, I believe it was written by Robert Bates years ago. I still have the
games but does not work with Win10. It is a sounds matching game with
different grids for difficulty level. I like it very much and it has helped
keep my memory sharp! I'll be very much interested in the game you wrote.
I look forward to getting the link for it. Again, many thanks.

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Don't have a clue where to get the particular ones you asked for, but I have
had a battleship game posted on my softcon pages for more than 10 years, and
haven't received a single feedback message about it.

I also have a memory game I wrote for use with the raspberry pi, that I can
easily repurpose for windoes and post on the site as well, it's as simple as
recompiling the source code under windows, since it doesn't use any linux
specific features.  I'll get that done in the next day or two and post it up
with the battleship game too.

You can find the battleship game at:

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