Re: nvda remote version 2.2 bug

John Isige

I just tried it, works fine. A couple of things I'd check are.

1. Did your friend allow it through Windows Firewall? As soon as I
connected, this was running it on a machine for the first time, Windows
Security popped up with a message that it was being blocked and asking
me if I wanted to allow it.

2. You're sure F11 is actually F11? On some keyboards, notably laptops
and Microsoft Wave, you need to do something to get actual function
keys. With laptops it's usually hitting the FN key in conjunction with
the function key you want. On Microsoft Wave keyboards, there's a key to
the right of F12 that toggles between regular function keys and other
functions like opening your mail program or such, I forget what they do
because I don't use them.

On 1/1/2019 20:04, Josh Kennedy wrote:


I tried connecting to a friend’s computer. F11 no longer works to give
me remote keyboard control. Is this a bug? Can it please be fixed if
it is?


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