Re: Braille Extender: Output tables

John J. Boyer

In my setup the tableds you want are there by default when BrailleExtender is installed. I am using a Focus 40, and
have to press two of the thumb keys. That may make a difference.


On Wed, Jan 02, 2019 at 03:50:18PM -0600, Rob Hudson wrote:
BrailleExtender version: Version 18.12.14-141407
NVDA 2018.4
Windows 10, 1809
I want to select
English, (U.S.) Grade2
as primary table and
English (U.S.) 6-dot computer braille
as secondary. This way I can press a hotkey in order to read NLS or bookshare brf books.
I navigate to the table in the first combo box by down arrow, and press spacebar until it says
Output only
I then tab to the secondary table combo box and select the one I want there, see above.
I press enter, thinking my configuration is saved.
I press the hotkey to switch tables, and get the message:
You must choose at least two tables for this feature. Please fill in the settings
I navigate back to the braille tables dialog and see primary table is
Arabic grade 1: none
Why are my settings not being saved?

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