Re: a situation with NVDA 2018.4 and windows 7

Antony Stone

1. How are you launching NVDA (and getting the command prompt at the same

2. What do you mean by "update"? Was a previous version of NVDA installed on
this machine? If so, which version was it and how did you do the update?


On Thursday 03 January 2019 at 16:25:31, Bill Sallander wrote:

Greetings everyone and happy 2019.

I’ve recently installed NVDA 2018.4 on a Windows 7 laptop for a client.

It seems when I launch NVDA after this update, it seems to bring up the
command prompt for Windows 7 as well.

I’ve changed the shortcut to a different key combination thinking that
might fix the problem but no good.

Has anyone else had this same issue and if so what was the trick?

Bill Sallander
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