Re: it doesn't agree to be installed


I can update from the help menu without problem, so I don't think that this is because the mail requeriment.El 11-06-2016 a las 9:04, Aravind R escribió:

yes, it fails to update from help menu.
so, i always go to websight, directly download and install.
my assumption for that is, they are asking for our email id for every
download which is not possible to give from direct update from help.
so, its failing.

On 6/11/16, Георги Ламбов <> wrote:
hi people!

My writing concerns the latest NvdA. I decided to renovate it from the
helpMenu. The announcement after the installation was: the installation
fails. But I saw that I'd got NvdA2016.2 and didn't pay attention of the
announcement. But only after several days, I understood that I'm with
NvdA2016.1 again. I tried two time after that and received the same
result. Now I'm with NvdA2016.1 again. This isn't a big problem of
course but I simply wanted to talk about it.



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