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I wonder, at some time was the old version launched by a batch file in some way, rather than by the shortcut?
If you do this, depending on how you do it, sometimes a command window opens. However, normally its just a session with no prompt, as exit did not appear in the batch file that launched it. I use this to boot a known good version of nvda with the log of the Previous version when I need the log not to be overwritten by anything.
Normally if there are two shortcuts on the desktop with the same shortcut, both do not launch together!

I use Windows 7 every day and have probably run most flavours of NVDA on it both portable and installed and have never seen anything lie an open command prompt at all.
When was the machine actually last shut down completely and a reboot done? Odd things can happen if you keep windows in sleep or standby after a software update which is not to windows itself.
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Its being launched in the following manners.
1: I have it automatically start at the logon screen. After it boots to the
desktop is when the command prompt will show.
When I type the word "exit", the command prompt will disappear and I'm left
with the desktop.
I have also launched NVDA using the created shortcut. I would still get the
same results.
I've even gone ahead and changed the hotkey combination but the same thing
still accurse.
There was a previous version on the machine, but it was not working at all.
Therefore, I was not able to get the actual version.
I finally downloaded a fresh copy of the program and installed it.
I also noticed that there was a folder from the older installation, I
deleted that and started everything fresh. There still might be an old file
from older version floating somewhere that might be the cause of this issue.

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1. How are you launching NVDA (and getting the command prompt at the same

2. What do you mean by "update"? Was a previous version of NVDA installed
on this machine? If so, which version was it and how did you do the update?


On Thursday 03 January 2019 at 16:25:31, Bill Sallander wrote:

Greetings everyone and happy 2019.

I’ve recently installed NVDA 2018.4 on a Windows 7 laptop for a client.

It seems when I launch NVDA after this update, it seems to bring up the
command prompt for Windows 7 as well.

I’ve changed the shortcut to a different key combination thinking that
might fix the problem but no good.

Has anyone else had this same issue and if so what was the trick?

Bill Sallander
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