Please help me!


Hi everyone!
I'm new here (in that topics), so I want to shortly introduce myself.
I'm Paulius Leveris (a blind user from Lithuania who using NVDA [the
latest version]). I just want to translate NVDA into my language. The
problem is that previously I found the NVDA interface file (nvda.po)
in the NVDA Snapshots page, but now I can't find that file. So, can
you explain me, what is the automatic workflow translation process and
how to start translating with that process, or can you give me the
direct link to download the latest NVDA.PO file? It can be done by my
email (paulius.leveris@...) or also by Skype (my Skype ID:
pauliusleveris). Thank you so much for your help!

Paulius Leveris

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