Re: how to record audio from the computer with no mic plugged in sure could use some help.

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If you have books and want them in an artificial voice but do not want to do it at the speed you read at. there is a program called Dspeech which can do this. It is basically a text editor and a routine that records the spoken file very very fast. I know there are other programs like this around and one issue is that there will be strange words and breaks in any file that make it sound slightly odd but you can for example download the sapi version of Espeak if you like that or use any other sapi voice.

However for capturing what you are doing or recording audio from youtube then I find virtual recorder is very good.
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hi gene.
thanks for your suggestion.
i also waite for your link, i need a free program which i can record
the voice of my computer and some of my audio files, specially i wish
to record my favorite books and articles with nvda!
thanks so much for any of your help, God bless you!

On 1/3/19, Robert Doc Wright godfearer <> wrote:
Goldwave would be your best bet. In its microphone section it has a loopback

feature that will allow you to point it to your sound card and record from
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Subject: [nvda] how to record audio from the computer with no mic plugged in

sure could use some help.

Hello. Does anyone know of any audio recording software that works with
NVDA with no mic attached to the computer? I want to record a lot of
internal stuff from my computer with no mic attached. I have tried
audacity with everything they suggested when reading the user guide to
make it work no such luck since am using windows 10. Lets just say if I
want to record a radio station or anything from my computer what type of
program could I use with NVDA? I have heard of total recorder and gold
wave would those programs work since I do have everything up to date and I

did check in the recording section and I have no stereo mics on my sound
card. Have any of you used sound tap or any apps with in the app store to

get anything to work with NVDA? I have tried everything with the line in
jack nothing. Or maybe I am not setting it up right. Any suggestions would

be excellent. Thank you.
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