Re: accessibility enhancements.



I think it’d be best to let Mark talk to some experts, including Marco Zehe (I think he is part of our group; Marco is a quality assurance engineer from Mozilla and a famous name in web accessibility).




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Subject: [nvda] accessibility enhancements.


For the past few days I've been emailing mark, the creator of this site, and letting him know about some unlabeled edit fields and otherwise that need fixing. To make a long story short, the wiki for all groups should  have better labels, hashtag creation should work better for keyboards, and, finally, some settings options and otherwise should work better with keyboards. Unfortunately, he does not use a screen reader, so is there a tool or similar that can look through a site's code and attach labels to missing form elements? Because it's a lot of work to go through page by page! I plan on writing him about the, compose a new topic, page next, and, I also plan on telling him to add a heading, at the start of every topics page, where the list of topics are at? Does anyone know how he can turn that side menu into a navigation landmark? The menu that has admin, wiki, calendar, ETC? the support email is below if any of you have any suggestions but I'd suggest making them actionable suggestions because he does not test with a screen reader.

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