StationPlaylist Studio add-on 19.01.1/18.09.6A-LTS, some behind the scenes work with Windows 10 App Essentials #addonrelease


Hi everyone,


For people using StationPlaylist Studio: 19.01.1 and 18.09.6A-LTS will hit the air very soon. 19.01.1 is meant for Studio 5.11/5.20 and later, while 18.09.6A-LTS is optimized for Studio 5.1x. Both releases include a bug fix to an issue where NvDA may sometimes say “monitoring library scan” after closing studio (a more solid fix is coming later in 2019).


Also, for Windows 10 App Essentials users: I’m laying the foundation to support progressive web applications inside Windows 10. Progressive web applications (PWAs) are websites and their services packaged as an application (essentially, a web service can utilize features from a host operating system for various tasks). In Windows 10, these apps are hosted inside an executable named WWAHost.exe (yes, for people coming from Windows 8.x, this is the very program that ran several built-in apps).


Specifically, I’m working on an infrastructure to let NVDA developers write app modules for progressive web applications. This means, in addition to browse mode functionality, some web apps may come with shortcuts and workarounds on their own as long as the “website” behaves well. In a few moments a development snapshot of Windows 10 App Essentials will be released that’ll enable this functionality, and I sent a pull request to NV Access for review.





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