Braille Display error

Sharni-Lee Ward


Just now, I tried to connect my braille display to NVDA in order to use
it. I'm sure I've connected it since I had to delete and reinstall NVDA
last weekend, but I could be mistaken. At any rate, when I tried to
switch to "Freedom Scientific" in Braille settings, I got an error
saying "Could not load Freedom Scientific Braille Display." Does this
mean I have to reinstall the drivers used with NVDA? I could have
misremembered using it between the night I had to do a clean reinstall
and now.

Also, can I have confirmation that the problems with NVDA hanging
whenever I used my braille display (which were apparently caused by
Liblouis) have been fixed in the current release? It wasn't mentioned in
the changes, and I've been meaning to ask...

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