Re: how to record audio from the computer with no mic plugged in sure could use some help.


People constantly recommend Goldwave whenever people ask about recording programs.  There are times the recommendation is a good or the best one, there are times when it isn't.  Based on what the person describes as what she wants to do, I think it is not a good recommendation. 
Gpold Wave isn't free and the program I will send a link to in this message is both free and simple.  It also has loop back.  It also has the option two use both loop back and a sound card simultaneously and it also allows for just sound card use. 
As I said, It is a very simple program.  Just tab around and set settings.  It remembers them.  You mainly use combo boxes to change settings.  I'm not sure just what the person wants to do, but to start with, use the loop back setting and see if that records what is desired. 
When I use it with NVDA, when I first run it, it announces everything you ca move to by tabbing around.  You can't stop this annoying speech.  When it stops speaking, tab around and the various items will read properly. 
I haven't used the program with Windows 10.  As far as I know, it works properly.  If it doesn't. let us know and I'll ask on a list where many people use it why that may be the case.  Perhaps a newer version is available.
The program is being sent as a zip file.  It is a portable program so no installation is done.  Unzip the files wherever you want, open the folder, type v to land on virtual recorder.exe and press enter.
A dialog will open.  Tab around, set anything you want to change, then the easiest thing to do is use the command alt r to start recording.  When you want to stop, be in the program window and use the command alt s for stop.  There is a record and a stop button and these are the short cut commands. 
You can't add to an existing file so if you want one single long file, just keep recording.  You can edit with MP3 Direct Cut if you are recording using the MP3 format.  If not, you can edit with another program.  But one thing at a ttime.  See if this program does what you want as far as recording is concerned.
You said something about recording using line in.  While you can use loopback for that, your soundcard may not be using the right settings for that and it would be much better for just line in recording to use your sound card.  That will require you to use the sound card setting in the recording program and set your sound card to record using the line-in jack. 
For now, see if the loop back records things like your screen-reader, a stream on the Internet, and if you want, a line-in recording, though, as I said, that probably isn't how you will want to record using line-in for reasons I'll discuss as things progress.
You will see, as you look through the files and folders that make up the program, a folder called recordings.  Files you record are located there.  Change the names as you wish using the change filename command in Windows.  You can't change where files are stored by the program.
Here is the link to download the program:
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