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Bhavya shah

Certainly. In fact, that would be the actual way to go, as it simply
disables NVDA's single letter navigation keystrokes for element
navigation, and its original purpose is exactly the current context -
to permit passing of keys which are shortcuts as designed by some

On 6/11/16, mk360 <mk.seventhson@...> wrote:
An other option is NVDA shift spacebar to pass keys dirrctly to the web.

El 11-06-2016 a las 11:41, Bhavya shah escribió:
To toggle on focus mode (NVDA equivalent term for forms mode), you can
press NVDA key + Spacebar. Issue the same key command to return to
browse mode.

On 6/11/16, Life My Way via <lifemyway@...>
What is your youtube channel address.

On 6/11/2016 6:04 AM, Semirhage wrote:
Ah. Thanks. LOL. IT got stuck for a moment but we're also uploading a
video. It's done now so I"ll go try it again. Again thanks tons. I'll
keep this as something to refer back to.
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